Imperial Tattoos is a custom tattoo shop. Most of the artwork hanging on the walls in our shop is done by us, with the exception of a few flash sheets from friends and artists we all admire. We specialize in taking your idea and customizing it to fit your body, and your interpretation.

The atmosphere of the shop is about as relaxed it can get (seriously, our couch will put you to sleep!). We have an open shop, so regardless of when you come in, you will get to see one of our artists at work. At Imperial, we want you to feel comfortable from the second you walk in to the second you leave. We've usually got a fresh pot of coffee and some bottles of water in the fridge, and Dollar Mountain is right across the grass for all your cheap munchy needs!

Whether you are a hardcore metal head covered in tats, or a soccer mom coming in for your first tattoo, you'll have a great time hanging out at our shop! The music we jam ranges from old school country, to alternative, to metal, to pop, and the list goes on.

To sum this all up, we've got the comfiest couch in the state, fresh coffee, tons of original artwork, and great tunes. Why aren't you here yet?

-Tyler, Alexi, Tim, and Jon

P.S. See the contact page or individual artist bios for details on setting up appointments.