Can I get a disease from getting a tattoo?
In our shop, absolutely not. At Imperial Tattoo we excerise a strict code of cleanliness. Our needles are single use, our tubes are autoclaved and sterilized, and we practice cross-contamination prevention on all levels.

Does it hurt?
Yes. Some area's hurt more than others, but in general, tattoos hurt.

Do certain colors hurt  more than others?

How much will it cost?
Tattoos range in cost depending on what you want, size, detail, etc.
We will give you a price that we feel is good compensation for the amount of time we'll have to spend on the tattoo to make it as good as we possibly can. Larger work like sleeves and backpieces are usually priced by session. We'll agree on and amount per session with you (usually 4-8 hour blocks) and set up a reoccurring appointments on your schedule.

Can you tattoo over my scar?
This is a tough one that we get a lot. The answer to this is not simple. We can tattoo over scars, however the sevarity of the scar will effect the results. The best way to answer this questions for yourself is to come in the shop and show us the scar in question, we can then tell you what we think the best way to cover it would be. The same basic principle applies to cover up tattoos.

General After Care:
- Leave bandage on for 1-2 hours.
- Gently wash tattooed area with a non-scented anti-bacterial soap. Use your hand, not a cloth.
- After a day or 2, your tattoo will start to feel itchy and start to look dry, so you'll want to start using  some lotion. We suggest: Palmer's CoaCoa Butter, Eucerin, Aqufor. Just make sure you lotion is scent free and contains no aloe.
- if any redness occurs around the tattoo, try switching lotions or soaps that you are using. This is normally just accute irritation and can be remedied simply by switching to a soap or lotion that doesn't bother your skin


How long do I leave the bandage on?
You can leave the bandage on for an hour or two after your tattoo is finished. You don't need to leave it on any longer than that or rebandage it. This bandage is simply to protect your tattoo from getting dirty while it is fresh.

Can I shower right after getting my tattoo?
Yes! Please do, as most people sweat like hogs when they get tattooed! haha.
A lot of people ask this. You aren't supposed to swim after being tattooed for a bunch of reasons ( chlorine, dirty water, sun exposure) but taking a shower will not hurt your tattoo. You'll want to keep any scented or aloe soaps away from the area, and not let hot water spray directly on it, but other than that, you are fine. Use a simple anti-bacterial soap that is scentless and contains no aloe. Good ol' walgreens brand orange soap is what we usually use.


  1. How old do yoy have to be to get a tattoo? And can a parent come in with you if your under 18?

  2. Jons a beast. Started my sleeves last week healing and lookin groovy. Highly recommend these guys. Atmosphere is great. Down to earth and reasonably priced. Lovin my decision goin to imperial

  3. Jons a beast!! Started sleeves last week and they are healin lookin devastating. Highly recommend imperial! Lovin my decision goin with them!!

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